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ISL Throughout The Years

Integrate Shipping Limited, A Shenzhen Based Freight Forwarding Company Established In 1997 Registed In 2000. Shenzhen, Where Is The Biggest Special Economic Zone Of China. The Throughput Of Container-Volume Moving Where Through Now Is The Second Biggest One In China. The Purpose And Direction Of Our Development Of Integrate Since Commencement Of It`S Establishment Have Been Being Versatile In Cargo Service On High Level.

In 2003,we philosophically opened our Shanghai gateway office, inter-change company share with Glorious Way International group, who is a class-A and the top ten transportation group local Chinese company in Jiangsu province. So now we became a strong logistic and transportation sea and air service provider in Yang zhi jiang river regions, the fastest economic developing regions in China. Our Suzhou branch company is the top local transportation company.

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We are a China based whole independent class A freight forwarder in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen. If there is a chance that we can work together, kindly please give us minutes to our below brief presentation.

Beijing is a strongpoint, the Olympic game 2008 will be held here, more and more oversea business people traveling here. The market potential is so big, northeast provinces, west provinces are key regions in China that center government specially boost the development of economic. Moreover, almost 70% import orders by Chinese government, project import cargo buying contracts are signed here. We can see headquarters of national hold import and export companies, large scaled facilities, ranges of machinery equipments purchase orders for inland big projects are placed here. ISL now is in Beijing working on constructing new office. There will be local people join venture with us, Mr.He Qing gen, copartner of ISL Beijing office, has been working in Air/sea freight over 20 years with solid background experiences. He has a lot of existing/potential local customers, and various relationship with Air lines, local Air port authorities, shipping linese, Tianjin port authorities with strong customs broker service. However, he is lack of English speaking and oversea agent network, so he decides to work together with us because we are experienced to handle ocean cargo. Three other professionals join us with him. So this is why we promote our powerful air/sea service, specially service for inbound cargo into China, you can trust us anywhen.

Shanghai is the biggest city in China and now is in the fast economic development. ISL Shanghai office has been there for years and is not only handling FCL/LCL, for various range of cargo, We are also very strong in handle air cargo to worldwide destinations built up close ties with various airlines, steamship lines, container terminal authorities, Pudong international air port comprehensively. We are very strong in providing service for import customs brokage service. Our bonded trucks are standby 24 hours moving for the air port to regions around. We know the procedures to handle DDU/DDP for any inbound cargo and export routing orders. We also have a lot of export shipment that can consign to reliable agents to make bilateral benefits. Give us a try, you know more about benefits.

In Shenzhen and Guangzhou. As we have been existing in shipping field for over ten years, we can handle any case to/from South China both sea and air. We keep firmly relationship with cross border customs brokers especially capable in handling cross border cargo. To small quantity goods to/fm HongKong no customs document available or complicated inspection applicable.We will be powerful enough to give anybody assistance. Moreover, as we have been working with local or domestic customers in business prepaid very long time. This serious limit our business scope while we have not a reliable network to meet more and more special needs of our clients. In addition,cargo from China to destinations worldwide change into fob, nominated by oversea competitors, step by step. So, we keen in seeking oversea partners, specially like you, if you want to construct mainland China agent or office We always have competitive rates to Europe ports in hand, don’t believe ? Give us a try. Apart from unlawful traffic, you can always enjoy good service and competitive rates fm us.

Through Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, our service fully cover Dalian, Tianjin, Qindao, Ningbo, Xiamen, Guangzhou. All inbound air cargo can be very easy and in the first time delivered to any Chinese inland place through our service network. Never hesitate to contact us for rates if you really need our service and we are so happy to be a friend of yours even there is no business between us in the future.

Whether you import or export FCL/LCL, charter shipments, or air shipment, you can depend on Integrate Shipping Limited to provide you with the most comprehensive value-added services and you get flexible solution tailored to meet your unique shipping needs. Our services are available for DG cargo to chilled goods, break bulk, project cargo, vendor/supplier shipment from one pound to million pounds, sea and air group specializes anytime, anywhere to/from China. We are experienced, connected, fast, cost efficient, and our service is personal. We think your. company matters.