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Company history

Company History

March 1997

Integrate Shipping Limited started cargo service in Shenzhen as operation agent of FESCO

1998 year
Integrate Shipping Limited Operated as operation agent of A.Hartrodt group in Shenzhen

2000 year

Integrate Shipping Limited registered as Class A freight forwarder in shenzhen

2001 year

Integrate Shipping Limited signed mutual cooperation agreement with W.M.Shipping (UK) Limited.

2002 year

Integrate Shipping Limited as operation agent nominated by Abnormal Loading Service.

April 2003 year
Shanghai office openned
As general agent of Bar Kala International Transport Co.
As general agent of Ronald Jugense GMBH

Augest 2004
Beijing Office openned
As general agent of MBA Shipping Limited

Augest 2005
Bonded trucking service between Shanghai and Suzhou-Singapore Industrial zoon.
As general agent of MBA Shipping Limited