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Who we are

Who we are

A brief introduction

Integrate Shipping Limited, A Shenzhen Based Freight Forwarding Company Established In 1997 Registed In 2000. Shenzhen, Where Is The Biggest Special Economic Zone Of China. The Throughput Of Container-Volume Moving Where Through Now Is The Second Biggest One In China. The Purpose And Direction Of Our Development Of Integrate Since Commencement Of It`S Establishment Have Been Being Versatile In Cargo Service On High Level.

In 2003,we philosophically opened our Shanghai gateway office, inter-change company share with Glorious Way International group, who is a class-A and the top ten transportation group local Chinese company in Jiangsu province. So now we became a strong logistic and transportation sea and air service provider in Yang zhi jiang river regions, the fastest economic developing regions in China. Our Suzhou branch company is the top local transportation company.


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